Arguing in this way, one can come to the conclusion that a tripod is needed by a photographer when shooting static, motionless objects.

This includes shooting in the following genres of photography:

macro photography
subject photography
Photography of architecture
Landscape and panoramic photography

I’ll go into a little more detail.

Tripod vs macro photography
Macro photography is one of the most expensive genres of photography. It requires serious equipment for the photographer and a tripod is a must.

But it is not the most important piece of equipment for a macro photographer. And often, it is acquired on a residual basis.

In general, macro photography is the lot of individual stoned maniacs, which you do not belong to.

Tripod vs panoramic and landscape photography
Shooting panoramas is unthinkable without a good tripod with a panoramic or 3D head, which makes it easier to shoot and then assemble a panoramic image.

In classic landscape photography, a tripod finds its use in wide-range photography.

What does this mean?

The tripod is set to the desired position and a number of shots are taken at different times without moving the tripod.

This allows you to correctly expose important areas of the frame in different lighting conditions and assemble them into one wide-range image in terms of colors and light.

In other words, a tripod allows you to take an HDR shot without resorting to software tricks in Photoshop or Photomatix Pro.

If you are sure that you will be engaged in landscape photography, then feel free to purchase a specialized tripod.

Manfrotto tripods are considered the market leader.

Tripod vs product photography
Product stock photography implies the complete absence of any image blur or movement in the frame.

Therefore, subject photography is unthinkable without the use of a tripod.

It doesn’t matter what shutter speed you shoot. It is important to exclude any, even the smallest, grease.

Feel free to buy a tripod if you plan to specialize in subject and catalog photography.